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NOIN was conceived at the start of 2013, when a few men, women and children began to notice the brokenness and need that surrounded them. The question lingered; Can we fix this? The size of the challenge is apparently too great and can often cause us to shrink back in fear. The result? We do nothing! In effect, the ostrich principle comes into play, ‘stick your head in the sand and hopefully it will all go away.’ Keep your head down, don’t dare look around. This, coupled with multiple objections creates in us a belief that it’s too big a task, too great a giant! We ask, what difference can we really make? Let’s just pray and hope it all goes away! But faith must give birth to something that goes beyond prayer, it reaches for a solution, it calls for action! This world matters greatly and we are determined to make a difference now while we are in it.

As we prayed, thought and believed we came to understand that the problem is not too great. We came to the conviction that yes, we may not be able to help everyone, but we certainly can help some! We certainly can as a society, simply and effectively make a substantial difference in the lives of some.

 Where do we start?


When you decide to clean up an enormous mess, the best place to start, is where you are. The journey starts with the first step. Noel Da Silva a man fighting Cancer was already in our midst and instead of standing by and watching him and his family go through a horrendous season alone, we decided to do what we could to assist in their situation, financially and practically. 


Noel essentially became the ignition, the spark that began a process that lead to the establishment of the NOIN Trust of which he was the 1st beneficiary. Noel became the catalyst of an organisation that will support multiple beneficiaries into the future.

Subsequently, NOIN has been registered as a Trust and currently with 7 Trustees who govern the running of the organisation and the redistribution of funds raised. This is done through partnering with members of society, corporate organisations and other interested parties.

In addition to the cancer support fund, NOIN places a weighted emphasis on the ‘NO ONE’ in need.This value is held close to our hearts, NO ONE ensures that the emphasis is not on one religion, race, class or age. The fund can and will benefit a range of people and not focus on one particular people group. This being said there are people groups that are in far greater need than others and we will endeavour to proportion the assistance where the need is greatest.
(Please see NOIN objectives)

Although NOIN is birthed from a Christian ethos this mandate extends the benefit even to people who have not signed up for our Christian beliefs. This is very much the heart behind NOIN. It is not in our nature to keep to ourselves but like the very nature of God, to seek the best for the society within which we have been placed. We so often forget, God placed us here to be a benefit to society not a parasite, to be producers and not simply consumers. Ultimately, NOIN seeks to follow God who reminds us of His love for the world saying ….

This world matters much,

So I am fixing it,

And I want you to be part of it!

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