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You don’t have to look far to find need in our beloved country, and often the need can be so great and overwhelming that we do not know where to begin. Our philosophy is to pick a starting point and then just begin. That’s how you tackle a massive mess, simply pick an area and then start! We do not believe that we will solve every problem or that we will be able to meet every need, but we certainly can make a difference to some! If we can begin to give of ourselves and make a difference by playing our small part in the simple things, this will cause a ripple effect in our society. The effect of a group of people working together and not in isolation towards a selfless goal is inspirational to others, and the funny thing is, we find so much more meaning to our lives when we look out from our ‘much’ and help those who have little!

NOIN seeks to establish trustworthy relationships and partnerships with individuals who see brokenness around them and desire to make a difference!

Importantly… you have influence and are connected:

NOIN seeks to be connected to and to leverage off any corporate relationships you may have. To acquire face to face time with commercial institutions to discuss the possibly of partnering with them for the betterment of our society.

So introduce us to owners & companies that are seeking a trustworthy partner to better our society. Spread the word and don’t be shy, it’s a good thing!

NOIN seeks to establish trustworthy relations with companies, to partner with for the betterment of our society!

 Ways in which you can contribute to NOIN as a business:

Partner with us for the betterment of our society by emailing to set up a meeting to get a feel for who we are, discuss various projects and the related benefits to your organisation; Tax benefits from donations, Social Economic Development (SED) and/ or  Corporate Social Investment (CSI).



Ways in which you can contribute to NOIN in your individual capacity:

You can contribute on a monthly basis into the NOIN Trust.

Banking Details:  

Branch: Bryanston
Branch Code: 250017
Account No: 62422048737

(The Trust is audited by independant auditors Nwanda Incorporated ).

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We invite you to make contact, via phone or email and be part of the hands-on work on the ground for the various needs.