NOIN’s main objectives are to:

Establish a community facility to serve as many people as we possibly can, who find themselves bound to difficult situations.

Provide services and run projects in the following aspects of life:

  • The raising of funds for the support of cancer treatment for children and adults in disadvantaged positions.
  • Early childhood development – Childcare facility for children younger than 6, including nutrition, education, psycho-social, music and arts, teambuilding etc.
  • Raising funds and actively assisting Places of Safety / Orphanages / Foster care processes / Adoption and placement processes with various partners.
  • HIV/AIDS – counselling, education and support.
  • Feeding schemes for the destitute.
  • Skills transfer and income generation projects such as sewing, woodwork, crafts etc.
  • Support of crèche’s and underprivileged schools with feeding schemes.
  • Education – the implementation of educational and sports bursary programmes; partnering with selected Gauteng schools.
  • Care and support for the elderly and the poor.
  • Medical training – including first aid training.
  • Counselling and support groups.
  • Advocacy – In the areas of education, awareness of people’s rights, roles and responsibilities.

The organisation’s secondary objectives will be to:

  • Form partnerships with corporate organisations for the delivery of community services and projects.
  • Build relationships with key stakeholders.
  • Access available grants and raise funding to support the operation and expansion of the facility, it’s services and projects.

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