Refilwe – Partnering for growth


We are partnering with Refilwe Community Project which endeavours, through education and mentorship, to break the cycle of neglect, hopelessness and poverty via three main programs; child care, community development and skills development.


Through the child care program, Refilwe provides a stable and loving home for:

hand-yellow  12 babies in the El Roi Baby Home;
hand-blue 30 children in their Foster Program; and
hand-greenthe foster parents (known as a ‘God parent family’) who provide a family environment to children placed in their care.

Refilwe runs a pre-school which started with five children and has grown to four classrooms educating 83 children from Lanseria informal settlements. The Refilwe pre-school assists 17 day-care centres in the community with training and additional support. They also provide skills training in nursery work, worm farming, carpentry and sewing. As a result of the skills development they run a successful income-generating propagating nursery and a worm farm with potential success to be realised in the development of the recycling plant and usage of a full industrial kitchen.

Our goal is to assist Refilwe in utilising their land and facilities to its full potential, in turn uplifting the pre-school, medical clinic, baby home, volunteer block, foster homes and supporting the foster parents.

Our future goal is to create a self-sustainable environment where skills are developed through the various initiatives to improve the facilities. For example in the development of the nursery there would be a transfer of skills such as how to grow their own vegetables and fruit to feed the broader community through the sales of organic vegetable boxes, fruit and herbs.

Join NOIN and Refilwe as we partner for the future of these beautiful kids.